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Sculptures - Wood and Metal


Central Saint Martins, London, UK - 2017

In this work, Fragments of nature has been snatched and recomposed through the human hand. This conflictual relationship between human and nature, undergo the traces of two energies, going through each other. Human will of power is going against wild and untamable natural forces. 


Vertebratae Plantae means in ancient Latin vertebrates plants. Actually, this denomination is a nonsense. No plants in the earth have grown with vertebras. But in this work, it seems that some modified plants have proliferated with some strange articulations. They have created a forest of a new kind, in between the vegetal and human composition. 


The title has been translated in latin to remind the scientific and botanic nominations, usually employing ancient greek or latin to create new words thanks to the etymology. This scientific aspect of the title supports this idea of genetically modified organism, manipulated by men. The latin base related to scientific knowledge can also inspire an old nomination of a prehistorical creature that is extinct now.


Moreover, those dynamic sculptures, components of an immersive installation, underpins a force, an unstoppable growing energy. This energy projects the work in a futuristic aspiration. A future in which, the plants and leaving species biologically modified and re-modified through time would then grow and adapt their body accordingly to the contemporary urban environment. They finally become some kind of hybrid organisms in between human and natural conception.

Yoanna Bochowski | Vertebratae Plantae | art
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