Wood - Stones - Metal Wires - Concrete

Paris, France - 2019

Human worshiped shrines and relics since immemorial times. This is part of the three universal institutions of humanity: religion, matrimony, and burial of the death. What makes sacred objects and places as religious and spiritual sites of rites, burial places, memorials to remember some events or peoples, venerated? They all are the vestige of memory and are respected because they ground civilization in a place and time. 


This series of sculptures is called Neo-Relics. A relic is an ancestral and sacred remain of a venerated person or a cult object that keeps a trace and memory from the past. In addition with the prefix « Neo » - young in ancient Greek - that defines the new and contemporary, this name creates an anachronism between the past and the present.


Those « new relics » are made of cristal and regular stones weaved with metal wires on wood branches, the all fixed on a concrete base. Obviously, they are contemporary, and create a fictive narration. If some archeologists find them in the future, would they wonder if they are the vestige from an ancient civilization? Have they been made for a funeral rite, a memorial, a celebration or a ritual? 


Those sculptures are questioning the notion of cult objects and our connection to spirituality. If they are not ancient could they be sacred? As sacralisation is always created from the human perspective.

© 2016 by Yoanna Bochowski