Triptych - Wood, Bark, Resin, Metal


Central Saint Martins, London, UK - 2016

The variation of the natural material led to this triptych, the three sculptures undergo different treatments and materiality of the wood, dismantled and reassembled by metal rods. Through three different nuances, the work explores the conflictual relationship between human and nature, the traces of two forces, going through each other.

Did nature stopped to be wild and untameable through human mind to become simply some natural surrogate in our cities? The sculptures are dealing with those issues through three different stages: from the spiritual, the memory, and an intangible crystallization of nature with transparent resin bits, to a snatched nature, an empty shell carcass, a fragile residue of a past body envelop with bark fragments and to a full and heavy entity, with the entire pieces of wood.

© 2016 by Yoanna Bochowski